No Film
Prestige 70
Night Vision 45
Affinity 30
Silver P-18
3M window films lower air-conditioning bills, reduce glare, and help prevent fabric fade.

Select the samples to the left to view the effect of some of our most popular films on the appearance of the window.

Made of over 200 layers using nano-technology, this film provides significant energy performance despite its "clear" appearance. This is the lightest version with a 70% light transmission.
Made of carbon fiber polyester, this film offers the best blend between performance and low reflectivity. This patented technology is known as Night Vision, because the reflectivity commonly associated with window film inside and outside, day and night, is greatly reduced. This is the lightest version with a 45% light transmission.
A dual reflective film with a 30% light transmission.
Traditional silver reflective window film that delivers the ultimate in energy savings with a 20% light transmission. When installed on tinted glass this film typically augments the glass� existing color.
Decorative polyester film that simulates frosted glass.


















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